Although some people may not be able to tell this about me, I really do love the simple things in life. My favorite childhood memories are centered around doing things with those I love. Baking with my mom around the holiday’s, coloring with my Grandma T every holiday, going to the river with my dad to swim, laughing until it hurt with my friends. All those wonderful memories that are made from the simple things in life. 
As I get older I still remember all those things and I have started creating new memories and even now just sitting with my family having a game night, or a movie in with friends makes my day. One of my favorite things to do now is to hold my daughter or son when they are sleeping (at almost 4 and almost 8 this doesn’t happen often anymore). I love that innocence that is found in their eyes and their face, as if the entire world has disappeared and nothing can hurt them. I wish that I could keep them that safe forever. 
We were blessed this weekend to have great friends come over and spend the evening with us. We watched a GREAT movie, and had a wonderful time just talking and laughing. They have quickly become part of our family, and I predict that they will be forever in our lives. It was a simple evening at home doing something fun with people we love. It was perfection and bliss rolled into one. 

What is your favorite “simple” thing to do?


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