Lovin’ my friends

My husband and I have these friends… they are really family now. They bless our lives in ways that they probably can’t even imagine. We have become so close to them. As a married couple it is rare that we find couples to do things with, mostly because we are so different from one another that he usually thinks my friends are lame! ha ha But, this couple is different. Monique and I clicked from the beginning, we were just a good match. After we had been friends for a while the husbands met and surprisingly, they didn’t hate each other! 🙂 We now spend weekends hanging out and laughing, and they are even going to be attending our family holiday celebrations this year, I think. It is like we have been friends forever. Even though we have only known each other for around a year and been hanging out as couples for a few months, it is like we have known each other for ever. We feel comfortable around them and like they have been around forever. Our kids even get along (as much as kids can)!

And, to make the friendship even a little sweeter… they are awesome cooks!! Seriously, Josh cook a loaf of bread and a pan of mac and cheese like nothing I have ever tasted, and Monique can bake a mean chocolate cake and her cheesecake is TO DIE FOR!

So, today I am giving a great big shout out to our friends!!!  We love you!! (We would love you even if you couldn’t cook!)


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