Ah…. the sweet smell of ugliness…

Ugliness is a nasty little thing. Ugliness is something that can make your day go from SUPER great to SUPER crappy within a moment. I went away for the weekend to an amazing conference and was blessed beyond belief by the words spoken throughout the weekend. I was renewed and rejuvenated! I was given a new understanding of how I can live my life and that even through terrible attacks on my character and my spirit, I AM STILL VICTORIOUS and I will NOT be shaken!!!! 
My entire life has been spent with me being beaten up and dragged down and made to feel like I am worthless. Well, guess what…. IT STOPS NOW!!!! I refuse to continue to be a victim. I am standing firm in my faith and knowing that no matter what the trial or tribulation, that I will stand victorious in Jesus shadow when I am done. 
I know that not all people feel this way or share my enthusiasm for faith, but for me it gets me through the day. I made a choice a long time ago to never make anyone feel inferior to me because they don’t think like me. I am sure that I have my moments of making someone feel bad, but I generally always try to make up for that when I am aware of it. I never want anyone to feel the pain of being told “you’re not good enough” or being told “you are a screw up” or feeling that sting of pain as you know that you are missing some part of the joke, only to find out you are the joke. 
I know that my Jesus loves me, and I know that I am not perfect, but I will always try to display kindness and love. 

How have another person’s words harmed you or your sense of self?


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