It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

I have to admit that I look forward to this time of year ALL year! I love Christmas! I love the season, I love the lights, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the music!! I love snow too, but only if I can stay inside and look at it! Now, I do love the idea of a moonlight sleigh ride in the snow, snuggled under a blanket, with some hot cocoa… but let’s be real, I know that about three seconds into that I would be whining and complaining that I was cold. I will, however, sit inside my warm house, snuggled in a blanket, with some hot cocoa and look OUT at the snow… that counts, right???
What do I love about this season? I don’t really know, specifically. I think it is the whimsy that surrounds it. The idea of that child-like innocence and joy that comes with Christmas. I know that most people get grumpy and stressed around this time of year, but I chose to believe in my mind that I all people are FULL of JOY around this time of year. In my mind, during this time of year people have a perma-smile with a little twinkle, and break out into Christmas carols at any given moment, and believe in miracles, and although I have never seen the movie (GASP!) in my mind people actually believe that “every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.” 
I my world, this would be when family would come together and have a beautifully placed meal, with perfectly dressed and behaved children, they would gather around and open presents and everyone would be OVERJOYED at the socks that they unwrap, then just when you think the day is over, it would be time to gather around the piano and sing Christmas carols. And, in this same world, when you go to a store people are actually… wait for it… wait for it…. NICE! I KNOW, it is a foreign concept, but in my world, it happens… trust me, it is wonderful. Also, in this world I can eat all the desserts I want and I would still have (okay, I would get and then maintain with no effort) a ROCKIN’ body. I could also walk through the wintery outside weather with nary a stitch of clothing and stay perfectly warm. Oh, and just for kicks, I can wake up and look like I have spent 4 hours in a hair and make-up chair instead of looking like the bride of the swamp thing…
That is my joyous, wonderful, oh-so-make-believe Christmasy-Winter Wonderland-World that surrounds me during this blessed time of year… it’s nice isn’t it? Won’t you join me, it really is a beautiful place to spend your holiday season. Ahhhh, if only everyone would live in the world I have created inside my head…. 

So, now… tell me… What is your FAVORITE thing about this time of year????


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