Life and other things

It’s funny how I sometimes forget the simple moments in life. I get so caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle of things that I forget to stop and savor the moments that make my life what it is. For Valentine’s day my husband bought me a manicure and massage at a local salon, and I just this week cashed that in and received my treatment. It was a blissful night for me. An hour, with not one person asking me to do something for them, but rather everyone was doing for me. It made my crazy week of finals a little less stressful and a little more enjoyable. 
Last night my husband took my son on his birthday trip to see WWE Wrestling and my daughter and I had a wonderful night at home alone. We watched a princess movie, had McDonalds, and cuddled for a few hours. It was so simply wonderful. For those two hours I put away the textbooks, left the laundry and dishes, and focused on my daughter. It was amazing, and it made me remember how much I miss those little moments when life gets busy. 
What little moments do you cherish?


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