Memory Monday – Slip Sliding

Memory Monday

For as long as I can remember my mother has made crochet slippers, these things are so warm and fuzzy… but, even better than that, these suckers make any hard surface like ice! When I was a child my brother and I would put our slippers on and slide for hours around the house going crazy. 
Today I had to laugh as I watched my children playing, and engaging in the same activity that I myself took part in so many years ago. As my children were going crazy and sliding from side to side across the entry floor, I saw in those moments myself. I saw a glimpse into my past, a moment in time when I had no worries. A split second when I was happy and carefree. I smiled and drifted away in thought as I sipped on my tea watching my children squeal with glee as their little bodies flew across the floor. 
What is your favorite childhood memory of fun and games with your family?


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