Super Stupid Summer

I am disliking summer right now… I have children that fight non-stop, a house that never seems to be clean, and weight that never seems to leave my mid-section. I know, you are probably thinking, “who doesn’t?”
Today was a particularly crabby day for me, maybe it’s the PMS, maybe it’s all the above mentioned things… or maybe it’s just my personality and I haven’t admitted to it yet. In the midst of a full-on tantrum today (me, not my kids… ha ha) I decided that I was going to name this summer the “Super Stupid Summer.” No vacations this summer, no big plans… I am just going to sit at home with my kids, drink my coffee (or maybe something a bit stronger), and try to ignore my children when they scream at one another. 
Yes, this summer I am embracing stupid… What are your plans?


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