Learning to be appreciative

Today was a good day in our home. We got to relax, rest, and just have a nice lazy Sunday. I completed my last final, and surprisingly my children were perfectly behaved all day… no fighting, no hitting, no tattling… it was amazing! 

Then we went to dinner… and all that perfect behavior of the day came undone and all the naughty that was stored up came out. Our kids were loud, obnoxious little twits. At one point my children started whining about not being able to go to Wal-Mart and buy something new. And that was my breaking point. How did my sweet little babies become so materialistic? I know, you are thinking what I am too ashamed to admit… their parents. We have spoiled our children. We have been lucky enough in our marriage to have the ability to spoil our children and give them all of their needs and most all of their wants. 

I decided then and there at the dinner table at Dickie’s BBQ that we were going to start having a little lesson in being thankful. So, after dinner we got into the car I drove to a small area of our town to show our children how some people live. Now, granted we live in a small town, so we really don’t have “slums” but we have a couple spots that are less than suitable and honestly break my heart for the people living there. Our children were shocked that people lived in the homes we were showing them. And we explained that some of the people in those homes don’t get things like Christmas presents, and even worse some don’t get to eat every meal in a day… or week. My daughter didn’t understand this concept and she asked a lot of questions about why they don’t have money and why can’t they just go to the store and get groceries. And my son just kept saying, “that’s sad” as he pecked away at his DS in the backseat.

I wasn’t sure that they really got what the point of my lesson was, but was hopeful that something sank in. My heart smiled just a bit when about 5 minutes later on our way home, my daughter said “I think I will give some of my babies to those kids that don’t have toys.” It’s a small step, but in the eyes of a child it is HUGE! So, I will call this one a success!


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