New Year Part 2

Yesterday I posted about having set a few goals for the new year. These were goals that were set with organization in mind, and getting my life into order. Today I sat down and thought of some more practical goals for my new year. I usually hesitate to make resolutions, because I feel as though I am setting myself up for failure. But, today when I was thinking about what I wanted to accomplish this year I decided that I am going to set goals, things I would like to achieve in my life, and I am going to work toward them. So, here is my list so far… I am sure it will grow and expand throughout the year. I hope to be able to check in monthly to let you know how this list is going. 🙂 
1) Read my Bible daily. 
2) Make health and nutrition more of a priority in my life (she says as she shuts the Doritos bag.)
3) Finish my book. 
4) Get my book into the hands of 5 publishers (if they don’t like it then I will set a new goal for next year! ha ha).
5) Make Domestically Divine Divas a priority, and achieve our professional goals.
6) Complete something on my bucket list.
7) Stop yelling at my children so much, and speak to them in the way I want them to speak to me and others.
8) Love my husband. I do love my husband, but I want to really love him in the way that best supports him and in the way that he wants and needs to be loved. 
9) Let go of things I cannot control. Learn to understand that some people just won’t like me, and it has nothing to do with me. Also, learn to understand that some of those people close to me will hurt me, it is unavoidable in life.
10) Understand that change is good, and be proud of the changes I have made and set new goals for changes in areas that need it. 
11) Be a better friend. Be the kind of friend that I would want someone to be for me. Also, make time with my friends more important. 
12) Know my limits and learn to say no. 
13) Finish my college degree! (This will happen in June!!!)
What are some of your goals for the new year?
Love and Blessings,



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