The Sweet Time

I have this HUGE pet peeve… when someone wakes me within the last 30 minutes of my sleep. I hate it, I actually hate it. I refer to this time as my Sweet Time… those last few moments that make my day wonderful. Someone waking me during this time, should run in fear, as this one thing has the power to make me uber crazy, and ruin my entire day.

So this morning when my beautiful, lovely daughter yelled out my name 10 minutes before my alarm went off, I grumbled and groaned. I pretended I didn’t hear her, and waited, hoping she would go right back to sleep. No such luck. She yelled my name out again… hesitantly, I shuffled to her room. Complaining the entire way.

Upon arriving in her room she promptly told me “I don’t think I peed, but there is pee in my bed.” In my sleep-hangover I wanted to scream out, “THEN WHO PEED IN YOUR BED???” But, I didn’t. The crazy mom inside of me, you know the one we all have that occasionally tells us to feed our kids cheetos for breakfast, well, she told me in those moments to tell my daughter, “we only have 10 more minutes, just go back to sleep and I will clean it up in a few minutes.” Well, you can all relax, because I quieted that crazy lady and cleaned my daughter up. Sacrificing my last 10 minutes of sleep, might I add. During our clean up time the crazy lady and I sang the pee-pee song to my daughter. This is a song that we made up that goes along to the tune of Big Girls Don’t Cry. The words are, 
Big girls don’t pee, 
big girls don’t pee, 
(now in a high pitch voice) Biii-ii-iiig girls, they don’t pee-ee-ee, 
(in the lowest pitch voice ever) in the bed.

This song is usually reserved for mornings in which we make it with no pee in the bed, however on this morning we (the crazy lady and I) decided to sing it as a reminder of the fact that she shouldn’t pee in the bed. So, we sang our song, cleaned her up, and then I sat to enjoy a few minutes to myself. At which point I realized once again that I should never listen to crazy lady. As I was trying to have some peace and quiet I hear my happy little oblivious girl singing The Pee-Pee Song at the top of her lungs (admit it, you are still singing it). 

I inwardly screamed at the crazy lady for having such bad ideas, laughed at my weird little girl (she gets it from her dad, I am sure), climbed out of bed, and we all started our day. 

Love and Blessings,

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