Tag Sales and Temper Tantrums

So, my East Coast calls them tag sales, this Midwestern girl calls them garage sales or yard sales… but in the end it’s all the same. Our junk becoming someone else’s treasures… so I don’t care what you call it as long as my stuff is gone at the end of it!

We started a week ago setting up my garage, however I started much longer ago than that piling in my house. Today was day 1 of the sale and I must say things went very well. Along with having a garage sale we also had 13 children in my house!!YIKES!! Yes, we must be a tiny bit craaa–aa-aaa-aaa-zy!!! Despite a few temper tantrums and a few tears the day went off without a hitch… and the tears and tantrums might have come largely from the 3 moms in attendance…

We are off tomorrow for another day of tag sales, and hopefully a few less tantrums!!


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