Review – Eleni’s Bakery Chelsea Market

New York, New York!!

Eleni’s Bakery
at the Chelsea Market
I recently took a trip to New York City with my mom, aunt, and cousins. While we were there we experienced all the wonderfulness of the city. — Food, attractions, food, naked people, food, singing cowboys and indians, food… I think you get the picture. 
 On our last day we decided to go to visit Chelsea Market on a suggestion from someone on our city tour the night before. Overall, I was disappointed in Chelsea and the market. There were nice spots, don’t get me wrong. Chelsea is just a stones throw from Times Square, and yet it has such a quiet and quaint feeling; with still holding the appeal on NYC (i.e. Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant, etc).
Even though I was disappointed overall, I found a  wonderful gem tucked away in the market. Eleni’s Bakery. When I walked past the store, it was so pleasing to the eye and upon entering the store I became even more pleased. The smell enveloped me, and the colorful cookies that literally filled the store, were almost overwhelming.
I couldn’t resist the temptation, but trying to watch my diet still, I decided on a small flip flop shaped cookie. This was the most A-MAH-ZING cookie I have ever eaten in my life. I’m not joking. The cookie literally melted in my mouth, which I was not expecting. It had such a hard feel to it, and yet still melted in my mouth. The icing was the perfect amount of sweetness to complement the cookie without it being overpowered.
I was so pleased with my purchase, that I knew immediately I had to write about this place! If you live near, or are visiting the city I would recommend you find Eleni’s at one of their two locations and make your taste buds happy!
visit Eleni’s on the web at:
Don’t forget to tell them where you read about their divine cookies!!
Happy Eating!!


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