Leader of the Pack

Well, my boys left bright and early this morning for their “man trip” to see the Green Bay Packers. I thought I would be super sad to see them go, but tiredness won out and I ended up falling quickly back to sleep. Today has been so busy that I haven’t had time to miss them… ask me again tonight when the house is quiet and dark, and my bed is empty.

When my boys left this morning I started thinking (on my way to bed) about how excited our little man was to create this memory with his daddy. And it made me think of what my favorite vacation memory from childhood is. My quest was small, as my family didn’t have the opportunity to take many vacations. But, I think my favorite is a family reunion for my step-dad’s family.

I’m not sure why this is my favorite, as his family is generally a bit cantankerous. But, this memory stands out as wonderful in my mind. I just remember having such a great time, and laughing, and playing. Yes, it was nice.

I’m looking forward to spending some girl time with our little princess. Saturday will be her day. She gets to pick everything we do on Saturday. And her first pick is the zoo. I am excited for her to have her day. And tomorrow night I am having a pinterest party at my house, so for now I will retire to the maids quarters and continue my cleaning. “Cinderelly, Cinderelly….”

What is your favorite vacation memory from childhood?

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