Budgeting 101

Let me start this post by saying that I am NOT good at budgeting and managing money. Thankfully for me, I have a husband that is really great at saving money. However, my mother did teach me a few things about managing a household budget, and today we are going to talk about those things.
Here are the things my mother taught me:

1. Know your income and expenses. – this is key in any budget. If you spend more than you make then you will never get ahead.
2. Balance your checkbook – daily if needed!! Anytime you spend money, balance your checkbook. Admission: I am not good at this. I have great difficulty managing my checkbook. 😦 But, I have a goal to get better at this.
3. Keep track! – Make a list, check it twice, then check it off. Each month I sit down and look at my weeks. I write each week (or payday) in one spot and the bills I need to pay that week, with the amount. This helps me to see how much money I have coming in and going out each week.

I have attached a few printables to this post that I use in my budgeting. Feel free to print these and use them as you see fit in your budgeting.

Budget – on this list simply write your income and expenses. There are blank spots to add the things that you need that aren’t listed (credit cards, etc).

Monthly Bill List – This is a simple list of your bills. Write the bill name, the amount of the bill, how often it’s due, and when it’s due. This is a good master list for being able to keep track of your bills.

Monthly Bill Checklist – This is an AWESOME checklist that my mother created and I copied and re-created. Just write the bill name, and then under each month write the amount that is due for that month. When you pay the bill for the month cross it off or highlight it. This helps you to see what bills have and haven’t been paid for the month.

Have a document that you want created to help with home management? Send me an email at houseofhelton@gmail.com and I can work with you to create your perfect documents!



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