Mothers of Preschoolers

Well, it’s that time of year that MOPS is starting back up again!! If you don’t know what MOPS is, it is a wonderful group for mothers. MOPS saved my sanity, literally!! I want to share the story of how that happened, and I invite any other MOPS moms to share their story as well.

I joined Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) 5 years ago when my daughter Caylie was a baby. I was at a place in my life where I was at the end of my rope. I had a 4 year old son, who was basically a good child, but still a typical 4 year old. And then I had my daughter, who while I loved her tested my strength and patience on a daily basis. My daughter was born at a time when I had decided I wasn’t quite ready to have another child… obviously God had other plans, ha ha. When she was born she had some stomach issues that caused her to be frequently fussy (don’t believe me, ask my mother and mother-in-law, or my husband)… we’re talking sleep for 45 minutes at a time and cry for most of the rest of her awake time. I was constantly tired and drained, and in need of a break… but, with no friends in the area I was lonely. Even though I was married, I was lonely.

When I joined MOPS I was burnt out, tired, and in desperate need of friends… women who knew what I was experiencing. I found just this. MOPS became a place of rest and refuge for me, a place where I found the women who are now my best-friends, and the place where I could speak freely about the challenges that come with motherhood and being a wife.
I honestly believe that without MOPS I would be in a really terrible place in my life emotionally and mentally. MOPS saved me.

Our MOPS group is starting back up on Sept 4th at 6pm at Southern Heights Christian Church, and offer FREE CHILDCARE for preschool aged children and I am so excited to be a part of the Steering Team this year, and be in a position of helping other women come to our group. If you don’t live in the Lebanon, MO area and want to find a MOPS group of your own check out for more information about local groups.

In honor of this I am giving away a set of 3 books from

 How can you have a chance at winning these books???
Leave a comment here or on the facebook page telling me how a friend (or group of friends) helped you when you were a new mom or dad. Let me know that you follow the blog, the facebook page, and twitter for extra entries.

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