The value of friendship…

In a world where people are so hard on one another, it is so important to have a core support system. We live in a Jersey Shore world, where young men and women are growing up learning that it is normal to “cat-fight” with friends, that it’s okay to mess around with a “friend’s” significant other, or that being a “guido” is the way to be. Listen up boys… no real girl likes that in a man. Women want men that respect them, treat them like they are the rarest treasure, and love them… really love them. These types of shows, in my opinion, are creating a generation of people that will never know the value of a “true” friend.

The other day my children were watching a show called “Victorious” and, while I usually lothe these shows, I marveled at the show on this day. I watched as repeatedly these “teenagers” lifted one another up, and the extent of their friendships. I know that this isn’t the norm for many shows on television today, but in that moment I decided that this was a show that was valuable for my children to watch. Now, I know that this show has parts that are questionable, but for the most part this show has underlying tones of the good qualities that I want my children to learn. I have seen honesty at a cost, I have seen true frienships; I have even seen these characters making decisions between doing something that “might” be okay, but could hurt another person… and they make the right choice. While I think that it is my responsibility to teach these traits to my children, I also understand that in such a technological world they will be influenced by music and television… so I want to make choices that better them.

As a mother I find it difficult not only to balance these teaching for my children, but also to find time for relationships of my own. But, I am thankful for those people in my life that have and continue to be my foundation. I have been lucky enough to have had people throughout my life that were planted in my path at just the right time. These friends have loved me in ways that I am unable to love myself, they have shown me sides of myself that I didn’t know were there, and they have taught me how to love the woman that I am today. They have also taught me how to love others, and how to be loved.

Today, I am thankful for someone in my life that is more than a friend, she is a sister. We met in an odd coincidence of events, and somehow managed to become best-friends through the process… and in the end our husband’s became best-friends as well. This couple and their children are family to us. My dear, sweet friend understands me in ways that other people don’t. We have a friendship in which we are honest with one another, we don’t judge one another, we share openly, and our hearts are connected. She is a sister to me. I am thankful for her daily, as she and her husband have become something so important to my life that when they aren’t around a piece of my heart is missing.

I have so many women in my life that have become so dear to my heart, and I am thankful for each and every one of them.

What do you think is the most difficult part of forming frienships as an adult?



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