I realized something about myself this weekend… death doesn’t really affect me. It does, but not like it does most people. Having dealt with the death of my father at such a young age, and subsequent deaths throughout my life, I find that I become very business-like when it comes to death. I feel sad for those affected by the death of a loved one, but for me personally, death has become such a “fact” of life. I just know that certain things need to be done, thought about, planned, and carried out.

There have been very few deaths throughout my life that have affected me to the point of personal sadness. Because of past circumstances and job training, I have become someone that can easily detach from situations like death and illness. This doesn’t mean I am unfeeling, I can, and do, sympathize with those feeling a loss… I just don’t personally get affected by it. That’s not to say I wouldn’t if someone very close to me passed away.

I suppose that we all need someone that can maintain grace in the face of disaster…



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  1. Tina says:

    I’ve only experience a couple of deaths that were extremely close to me and they affected me profoundly. But aside from that I’m not really sure how I look at death other than I don’t ever want it to happen despite that it is a part of life.


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