Admitting fear…

I have had something on my mind for the last few weeks, so I am sharing it here.

I have this huge fear that my children will be given something that they think is candy, from a friend, and it will actually be drugs.

I say this is an irrational fear, but really, it’s not… not in the town we live in and the world that surrounds us. We have told our children not to EVER eat anything that someone  gives them unless mommy or daddy say its okay. But, I fear that someone they trust will give them something and they will feel safe enough to eat it without question.

Ugh!!!! I sometimes hate being the person that has to worry about these things.

I welcome your thoughts.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina says:

    I’m with you Aleah, but my fear is not letting my son play outside at all without parental supervision. I’m so scared of someone taking him…I feel like I’m holding back on his freedom as a child to play outside. What do you think?


    1. Yeah, we struggle with that too, but because we have a registered offender down the street. I usually have the mindset of “if it’s supposed to happen, its gonna happen” and I don’t generally get to anxious about stuff… But with this, its a terrifying feeling.


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