Get to the skinny…

I’m going to brag for a moment. In two months I have lost 11 pounds! I am pretty proud of myself… because I have done it without restricting foods or adding in exercise. I have simply stopped eating when I’m not hungry. I know… it’s a large concept to grasp. I don’t deny myself something if I want it, but I eat a smaller portion. I have found that I am satisfied with 1 scoop of ice cream instead of 3 or 4. I have also found that about 5-10 chips satisfies me, rather than the entire bag.

I would like to start adding in exercise, but I will admit that I am just not motivated. I have grand ideas, but they are just that… ideas. I have started a simple burlesque inspired activity that I do each morning. It’s pretty simple. Hip rolls for about 10 minutes each morning, keeping my abdominal muscles tight. That’s it… the lazy woman’s workout.

But, I want to know. What are your favorite “diet” recipes? Your favorite exercises? How do you stay or get motivated?

Share them here…

~peace out friends


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  1. tina says:

    First of all…CONGRATULATIONS!!! I like doing a low carb diet, I’m not the exercise type of person. Call it lazy if you must, but I just don’t feel motivated to get up off my butt and exercise.


    1. Thanks… It’s hard not to just sit and stuff my face non-stop. ha ha


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