When is the end really the end

The last three weeks at church have been focused on the end. Focusing mainly on learning to let go, and understanding that God has a plan for us at the end of something. We were taught that in our lives we have many era’s that will end, and we have to know that both God and Satan are waiting at the end. God to bring us into the future that he has planned for us, and Satan to bring us out of the future that God has planned for us.

I have been thinking about this and the things in my life that have come to an end. Many of those things I have been sad to see end, many I have fought to hold onto. But, why? Mostly because my heart hurts to lose these things. Friendships, relationships, jobs… the list goes on and on. But, how do we know when God is telling us that it’s time to end something?

I suppose that when it’s time it’s time, and if we really listen to that voice inside we will know when it’s time to end something. It just takes courage to stand up and recognize that, and to actually just walk away.


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