A Thankful Heart

Each year around this time I am reminded to pause and be thankful for things in my life, something that should happen each and every day of the year, but in the hustle and bustle of the year I fail miserably. This year as the time has approached again I have been reminded in several ways of how precious the things in my life are. For the last month or so I have been offering up prayer for a youngster in my son’s 4th grade class. This young lady was recently diagnosed with leukemia, and is undergoing treatment in another state.  Her mother and father have had to make great sacrifices for their daughter during this time, and have had to change their entire way of living for their sweet girl to receive the treatments she needs.

My heart has been breaking for this family. I cannot imagine the sheer terror this mother and father must be feeling right now, having to watch their child endure such painful and draining treatments. Every parent wishes to spare their child the illnesses, bumps, scrapes, and tragedy that life can bring; to know that your child is so incredibly ill, and you can do nothing for them, would be just horrifying. During this time, God has reminded me of how incredibly blessed we are with healthy children, but also to never take a life for granted, because in a moment everything can change.

So, join me this month in praying fervently for this young girl and lifting her family up into God’s loving arms. Also, take some time to be thankful for those things that you have in your life. Even the smallest things should be counted as blessings. Remember to offer thanks in EVERY situation, and for EVERY thing.


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