Review – The High Calling

I often get opportunities to review books, websites, products, and other things on my site. Today I have the chance to review a website/e-newsletter called The High Calling for Handlebar Publishing, in exchange for compensation. Before I start, I will say that Handlebar Publishing asked us to give an honest review (positive or negative) of the site.

Upon first looking over the newsletters on this site, I was initially turned off. I found article titles that initially turned me off, however, as I began to read more of the articles I found that these articles are well written and thought provoking. I found one article titled “Next In Line at the Food Stamp Window” in which a teacher describes her struggle with job instability, and her inner struggle of getting past a preconceived idea of ‘who uses food stamps’ and finally coming to a place where she herself had to suck it up and stand in that line. The author discusses the idea that the Christian lifestyle doesn’t keep us from hardships, and in her opinion invites it in even more. Kari Anguiano’s article can be found in the September 5, 2012 Newsletter.

Other articles include topics like being a Christian in the workplace, being a disciple in your community, and doing any and every job for God’s glory – regardless of what it is.

After reviewing the articles I found that, while some of the titles turned me off, the articles were well written, contained Biblical truths and principles, and were applicable to my own and other’s daily lives. I would recommend that my readers check out The High Calling and see some of the awesome things this site has to offer.

If you check out the site, leave your comments here for the publishing company and the website owners to see!!


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