Organized Mess


I love to be organized. My family does not. This is a piece of life that constantly causes stress for me. But, one that I am learning to be less rigid on. My closet in high school was organized by sleeve length and then by color. I have another problem that effects my organization skills…. I have THE WORST memory. So, to help myself I have turned my fridge into a command center. On the left aide of my fridge I have photos of friends and family, and my kids school reading logs. The right side of ny fridge is covered in recipes, my kids class schedules, menu planners, and coupons. The front is where all the action happens. As you can see in my picture, I have a dry erase marker hanging in a basket with an eraser. I use this to make notes, grocery lists, or as you can see to keep track of medicine doses for my kids. We also have a chore list for the kids, and other really important notes get a magnet here too. The bottom half of my fridge is kid-zone. They can draw with dry erase markers, practice spelling or writing letters, hang art work, and even use the dry erase to work out tough math problems (we had a factor tree here a few weeks ago). My family knows if something is needed at the store it goes on the fridge. The marker is always there within easy reach. If it doesn’t go up before I do my shopping then it has to wait until the next trip. Before I leave for the store I use my phone to snap a picture of the grocery list. Organization in a snap!!! Note *the dry erase only works on smooth front fridges. What is your best organizing tip?


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