Bold As Love Book Review

I was recently selected to be part of a “street team,” if you will for a new book called Bold As Love by Bob Roberts Jr. Basically, I was asked to be part of saturating the market with promos, tweets, posts, and what-not about this new book. In exchange, I get a free copy of the book. 🙂 woo hoo!!

So, when I first heard about this book I was really excited, because I am of the firm belief that to win hearts you have to show love. I feel that love is a concept that is greatly forgotten in our world today. So, I was very excited to read this book! And, I was not disappointed.

Bob talks a lot about “tribes” and how we fall into these patterns of ‘loving our neighbors’… but we forget that our ‘neighbor’ goes beyond the people in our ‘tribe.’ Our neighbors continue off of our street, out of our neighborhood/town/state/country/etc, and EVEN beyond our religion. We are called to LOVE OUR NEIGHBOR! One of my favorite statements from this book comes from page 157, and says,

“I’ve discovered some simple, practical ways to begin to transcend my natural tribalism – like listening more than I talk. We are quick to tell others what we believe and why we are right, and how they need to change their beliefs. I’m from Texas, and we like fixin’ everything. But we have to resist that temptation. Instead of judging where people are and what they believe, I’ve found it better to ask questions and listen to them talk about their lives, their families, their dreams, their disappointments.” 

This speaks so much to my heart, and my life’s mission. I don’t want to disregard someone in my life because their beliefs are different than mine, I want to embrace them, learn from them, and grow in my own beliefs because of their beliefs.

I will tell you, that if you don’t want your heart to be challenged, then don’t read this book…. because if you read this, your heart WILL be changed. This book challenges the reader on so many levels. I could read this book a hundred times, and would probably walk away with something new each time.

I think that many people won’t like this because it doesn’t fit the mold of today’s Christianity, or what we have made it to be in our world. But, I believe that this is the true definition of what Christ would have wanted from our relationship with him, and our relationship with others.

I would encourage ALL of my readers/followers to read this book, take it in, and share it. Oh, and don’t forget to put it into practice!!!


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