Guest Post: Christmas by Monique

                                                      A Puppy in a Stocking

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year since I was a little girl. My mom had a way of making it all so magical. We would sing Christmas carols at the top of our lungs and dance around the tree wrapping strings of lights around it. Then we’d take out all the ornaments collected and handmade from previous years and find places for them all over the tree. We always used the squint trick to find any gaps in our decorating. If you’ve never tried it, the next time you trim your tree and want to check the tree for holes that need lights or ornaments, just squint your eyes and voila!! I think a part of why I loved it so much was because of the sheer joy my mother brought to it all. The tree would come out and her eyes would light up.

Now that she’s gone Christmastime is a little bittersweet, but her memory wraps around me every year and the little things she did with me are now a part of Christmas with my own daughters. We decorate the tree and they ask me about all of the ornaments I have. These are the same ornaments that I hung with my mother every year and it warms my heart to feel her there with us as we unwrap each memory-filled decoration.

My favorite ornament was one that I made in the first grade. It’s just the picture of a puppy in a stocking pasted onto an empty ribbon holder and tied with a soft cottony rope. It’s such a simple thing to get excited over, but the tree isn’t finished for me until it’s up. My girls giggle at the thought of me being a little girl once and I in turn smile at the thought of them grown up someday decorating their own trees with all of their handmade creations.

Christmas is still my favorite time of year and decorating the tree will always be special to me for what it represents….. love. It’s the greatest gift my mother ever gave me while she was alive. Her love has grown and it has been passed on to my children. Everytime I see our tree all lit up and overflowing with ornaments on every branch, I feel a little burst of happiness. My entire childhood is twisted in among the lights and my mother’s love has touched each and every bit, including one small ribbon wheel with a picture of a puppy in a stocking.



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