Reaching your dreams…

I have heard many of my mom friends talking recently about how hard it is to be a mom and reach your dreams and goals in life, outside of motherhood. This is a challenge for every person, no matter what their station in life. This isn’t something that affects just moms. So, here are my tips for making your dreams a reality!!

  1. Write down 3 things that are stopping you from your dreams. Don’t make excuses like “I have kids” or “I’m poor,” but be honest about what is stopping you from reaching your dreams. If you want to be a painter, but don’t own any paint brushes that would be one obsticle.
  2. Check your list. Look at your 3 things and write down a plan for overcoming them. If your obsticle is not owning paint brushes, then your step for overcoming would be to buy paint brushes. If you don’t have the money, then you would also need a secondary step of saving $1 a week (or any amount) until you save enough to buy your brushes.
  3. Don’t  give up!! Even the best, most wonderful, most amazing, people in their field experience rejection. Don’t stop just because one person tells you you’re not good. If 100 people tell you that you aren’t good, then you might want to take a moment to re-evaluate… BUT with that said, if you have a true passion for something then don’t give up. Just remember not to be one of the “American-Idol-really-bad-but-think-they-are-awesome” kind of people.
  4. BE REAL! If you want desperately to be a painter, but you can’t paint a paint-by-numbers picture, then you probably need to re-evaluate your dreams, and see if they are realistic.
  5. INVEST. This doens’t mean money always, but you must invest in your passion to make it become fruitful. Start by spending 15-20 mins a day doing what you love, then work toward making more time. You will eventually have to invest money in your dreams to make them a reality, but when you are starting out… it takes TIME. Make a schedule for each week, so that you are sure to find the time. If you don’t schedule the time, no one will schedule it for you.
  6. Work your “reality” into your “dreams.” This may be the hardest thing for people to do. If you have a busy life (school, kids, work, etc) you will struggle with finding a way to blend your reality into your dreams, but you HAVE to do this. You cannot dream of the big screen without thinking about how you will manage life as a mom. You can plan to travel the world if you have a negative bank account. You can’t be an online reporter if you don’t own a computer. Get the picture?? You need to get a support group into place, find out what it is that you need to make your dreams come true, find out how to manage your time, and then figure out what things in your life can “go” and what things must “stay” in your quest to follow your dreams.

What do you find is the hardest thing to do when trying to follow your dreams? Share your ideas/struggles here!!


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