My heart is breaking…

At this moment my cousin’s are dealing with an impending loss that I cannot wrap my mind around. My dear cousin Frank is preparing to leave this world and return to the loving arms of his savior Jesus. He will be leaving behind a wife, 5 children, parents, and many other friends and family that love him so dearly that words cannot express. My heart is breaking into a thousand pieces at the thought of losing him, but my heart is breaking into even more pieces thinking of his wife, children, and parents having to live their lives without him. He is a good man. Would it be any less sad if he wasn’t a good man, no, but he is a good man. And, it is sad.

For the entirity of my life, Frank has been like a big brother to me. My heart is connected to him in a way that many don’t understand. He was there laughing with us as children at family get togethers, he is in most every happy memory I have of life with my father… as many of those memories took place during the holiday’s. I remember when his first two daughters were born, and now they are the ones having to help make decisions they should not have to make.

I remember Romeo and Juliet – you took me, it was my first stage production and helped spark my love of theater.

I remember when I got the scar on my right knee – you were there, and used your nursing school knowledge to bandage me up. I still have that scar, and still think of you when I look at it.

I remember California – my first of many trips, but that will always remain my favorite.

I remember no bridges, the funny farm, and disappearing Ewoks.

I remember my first beer.

I remember you laughing when I hated my first beer.

I remember Dungeon’s and Dragons, and laughing late into the night.

I remember Christmas’ with the family, and betting to see how long before the first fight would errupt.

I remember these and so many other things.

…my heart is so sad.


Please pray for our family.


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