Book Review: Here I Go Again


Let’s take a trip back to high school with Jen Lancaster’s new book Here I Go Again We all remember high school; maybe we loved it, maybe we hated it. Maybe we were popular, maybe we weren’t. I, for one, don’t want to relive those days. Did I have fun in high school? Yes. Do I want to go back? No. High School wasn’t miserable for me, but it wasn’t really great either. No matter what, we all knew those people like Lissy Ryder – the popular ones who had everything. The girls (and guys) who didn’t have try. They were flawlessly beautiful, people liked them, they had the perfect clothes – the perfect everything.

Lissy was that girl. She was either your best-friend or your worst enemy. Maybe even a little bit of both. But, when Lissy graduates high school, her “high school life” doesn’t end. She moves on and goes to college, gets a job, gets married… but that’s it. She never really understands that high school is over and she lives in the past. Her peak was in high school. But, her life was pretty good until just a few weeks before her 20th class reunion. She loses her job, her husband, and her house – she finds herself living at home with mommy and daddy again – just like in high school.

But, have no fear – Lissy knows she will get her life back on track after her reunion. She just knows that her reunion will be wonderful – she will be able to step back into a time when everyone loved her. Or not? Lissy shows up at her reunion only to find that everyone doesn’t love her. People hate her for the jabs she took that she thought were jokes. They hate her for all the things that she thought she was doing right. But, the worst part? Lissy finds out that everyone’s life is leaps and bounds better than hers.

BUT —- Lissy gets the chance to right her wrongs. Will she succeed or will she be a miserable failure… again?

I loved this book. It was a humerous look back at a time that everyone experiences. We all knew (or perhaps still know) a Lissy Ryder. Or maybe we were Lissy Ryder. Jen Lancaster has such a great voice, and knows how to draw her reader in. I think everyone should take some time to read this novel! I LOVE Jen’s ability to tell a story and evoke memories, laughter, (and even a few moments of anger). This book is SO good!!


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