The Perfect Boiled Egg


I love boiled eggs. I really love them, and I have searched high and low for a good way to get a perfect boiled egg. I know it sounds stupid, but I hate when I get a boiled egg that is over-cooked or under-cooked. Well, I found it!! So, I’m going to be nice and share my method. I have tried this out for about 2 months now, and it has never failed me.

1. Place eggs in a sauce pan and cover with water – your water should be about an inch over the top of your eggs.

2. Turn burner onto high and bring to a boil. You will want to watch for a slow boil.  (A slow boil means that your water is just starting to boil, you won’t have quick bubbles).

3. When water reaches a slow boil, set timer for 2 minutes.

4. After timer is done, cover pan with lid and turn off. Set timer for 10 minutes.

5. After 10 minute timer is done, drain pan, cover eggs with cold water, and peel. 🙂 Yum, Yum!!

*Egg peeling tip – when peeling a boiled egg, crack the ends first. This releases the “suction” and your egg will peel easier. The longer you leave your eggs sitting after boiling, the harder they will be to peel.

*A boiled egg will last for about a week, when kept refrigerated and in the shell. It should be refrigerated within an hour of cooking.


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