Day one, done – #danielfast

So, this marks the end of my day 1 of The Daniel Fast. You might be wondering what this is… Well, the Daniel Fast is a 21 day fast in which you eat only fruits and veggies, and drink only water. The reason I am doing this fast is to find time to really focus and pray about certain things in my life.

People fast for many reasons – spiritual growth, healthy lifestyles, cleansing, etc. For me, my ultimate purpose is spiritual growth, with a secondary purpose of health benefits. I’m not so transparent that I think I won’t have health benefits from this; and I am also not so transparent that I don’t think I won’t enjoy those health benefits, and that those things won’t drive me to stick with this. However, that isn’t my ultimate goal.

Okay, so what does all this mean? Well, I am going to be using my website to update about my fast. This is merely to keep myself accountable. I know that if I post here, people will begin to expect that, and if I don’t post, someone will ask about it. I also want to know that I have a safe place to put all this. I know that on my blog, this is my space, so I can put whatever I want here (Lucky you!! ha ha).

So, I suppose you are wondering if I learned any life lessons today in my journey… Well, it is only day one, so calm down. 🙂 I did learn today that I need to prepare more for eating. I am going to have to have foods ready and waiting for me, so I don’t feel tempted to cheat. I also need to change my focus and my mind set. I don’t NEED chips, or coffee, or sweets. I can eat a crunchy green bean and be happy… really, I can. I know, I can hear your gasps now, I was shocked too.

And, that’s that… day one, check!! Let’s see what happens tomorrow.


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