Exaggerate much?

I have been reading post after post today about the tyrant Starbucks CEO who doesn’t want money from those who support traditional marriage… funny thing is, HE NEVER SAID THAT! Can I get an “ERHMALERD” from my followers!?

People are so quick to jump on the hate bandwagon that they fail to research things… me included. Case in point – today I shared a link about Victoria’s Secret and some new panties geared toward children. It wasn’t true. I was embarrassed, and I quickly reposted an apology with a link to correct information about what I had posted earlier in the day.

But, the Starbucks post was a bit much. It had gone from the CEO stating that money wasn’t his priority and if a shareholder felt they could make more money somewhere else they should sell their shares, and it had turned into “STARBUCKS CEO DOESN’T WANT MONEY FROM THOSE THAT SUPPORT TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE!” Oye!!

Seriously people… where in our history did we turn into a country in which we have to resort to boycotting, or even supporting, businesses simply based on the CEO’s stance on marriage or religion? Are we so afraid that we have to insist that our own marriage is genuinely in jeopardy because someone else wants to marry someone who happens to be of the same sex? Are we so scared of faith, God, and religion that we must shove our beliefs on someone else with no regard to what they may or may not believe? Why? Why are we unable to just let it be? Why can we not co-exist in this world with the understanding that all humans are different? Not everyone will believe in the same way we do, and that’s okay… really. It really is okay. It does nothing to your ability to be faithful.

I know, I know… if we keep just letting other have their own beliefs we will become a country limited in our ability to have our own religion…





Aren’t we already on that path?

I’m a Christian, I love God, I follow Jesus, and I believe that Jesus died so that I can go to Heaven. However, I know that not everyone else believes that way. But, we are quickly becoming a country in which we are trying to force others into one religion, one faith, one way of life. And, sadly, it’s the Christians of this world that are pushing us to that way of life in our country. We Christians are not like the Christ we follow. We Christians are hateful, judgmental, and just plain mean people.

I want to live a life that shows kindness and compassion to all people. I want to live a life that values the diversity that is the world we live in. I want to live a life of someone who is Christ-like… not wrapped completely in religion and rules.

As always, I welcome comments.




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