Getting it all Eastery up in here…


We decided today that we were going to dye Easter eggs and get ready for Easter on Sunday. I didn’t take pictures of my children, because… well, because I didn’t want the mixture of a camera and food coloring/water. Call me crazy…

Here are our finished products.

04-IMG_2443 02-IMG_244103-IMG_2442

01-IMG_2440 22-IMG_2464 21-IMG_2463 20-IMG_2462 19-IMG_2460 18-IMG_2459 17-IMG_2458 16-IMG_2457 15-IMG_2456 14-IMG_2455 13-IMG_2454 12-IMG_2453 11-IMG_2452 10-IMG_2451 09-IMG_2450 08-IMG_2449 07-IMG_2448


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