I want you to meet a few people… 


  This is Janey and Brandy; and this is Chance and Jon


These four people are very important to me. These four people are the reason I will forever support marriage equality. These four people are some of the best, most caring people I have ever met in my life. They are the reason that I cannot sit back and keep my mouth shut… okay, maybe not the only reason, but they are a big reason.

Want to see something else?


This is Janey and Brandy’s wedding. A day in which two people, who love each other deeply, were married in front of their friends and family. See that handsome little blonde kid in the front?? That’s my son Cobe, he was part of the wedding ceremony. A decision that was questioned by many in my life.

Some people said terrible things like, “why would you let your son do that?” Do what? Support his aunts on the most important day of their lives? Wow… how inhumane of me.

Every day people are fighting to stop marriage equality; and their only reason? It goes against God’s design for marriage. Well, I think that’s dumb.

I cannot possibly look at these four people and ever feel that the love they share is against God’s design. They are in loving and committed relationships. They aren’t out whoring it up every weekend. They aren’t getting married for 72 days and then shacking up with the next person they meet. They aren’t getting married and divorced every other year. I do not for one second believe that a love like these two couples share can possibly ever devalue the love that I share with my husband.

To those that think that marriage equality will devalue marriage – you’re dumb. Sorry, but that’s how I feel. If you are placing the value of your marriage on the appearance of someone else’s marriage… well then your marriage probably doesn’t have much value to begin with. Fifty years ago people were having this same battle about interracial marriages, and they were using the exact same reasoning that is being used now to fight same-sex marriages.

Janey, Brandy, Chance, and Jon are also some of the most compassionate people I have ever met. I believe that’s because they understand what it’s like to be judged unfairly, they understand what it’s like to have someone hate you without even knowing you – simply because you are “different.” These four people have taught me how to break down stereotypes and put aside judgments to learn to see people for who they truly are – people. They have taught me that it’s okay to be a little different as long as you are being yourself. They have also taught me that it’s okay to stand up for something, even if you are in the minority, because sometimes the minority needs to be heard.

I also learned a great deal about parenting by watching my in-laws and how they accepted their children without judgment when they came out to the family. I saw two parents support their children with unconditional love, a love that most parents probably do not understand.

I have to say that throughout my relationships with Janey, Brandy, Chance, and Jon I have learned something far more important than equality. I have learned how to love as Jesus loves. I have learned that while I call myself a Christian, I do not identify with most of what the Christian faith supports or believes. I do not support the notion of shoving my faith down the throat of another… and while we are on the subject…. who has ever said that just because someone is gay they can’t or don’t love Jesus??? That’s the craziest thing I have ever heard.

I am a Jesus follower. I want my life to reflect the kind of person that Jesus was. I want people to look at my life and see that I am a Christian by the way I am acting, not by the things I scream at others. I believe in a faith that surpasses all judgment. I believe in a God that loves unconditionally, regardless of color, gender, or sexual preference. I believe in a God that would want me to love in spite of, and probably because of, all those things.

My hope is that my two children will grow up seeing the love between their aunts and uncles, and understand love in a way that most people cannot. I hope this sparks in them a level of compassion and love for others that exceeds my understanding. I hope that my children will understand that if they ever come out to their parents, that they will be loved just as much as they always were. There will be no hidden agenda, no one trying to convince them that their love is wrong, or that they need to repent. There will only be love. There will only be acceptance.

So, next time you wonder why I support marriage equality, look again at the pictures at the top of this post and you will understand why I will forever support marriage equality.


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