Update Daniel Fast

I realized that part way through my fast I stopped posted on here, and I never finished updating. So, here it is…

I got to about day 12, I think, and I ended up getting the stomach flu. I had chicken broth and tea during this time. I ended up ending my fast before the 21 days that I was supposed to do it. However, I felt okay with this decision. During my fast I found a peace and clarity with God. I got to a place where I no longer feel as though my prayers are bouncing off the ceiling. I found focus and direction.

Although I didn’t get to the end of my 21 days, I still feel as though I accomplished what I set out to accomplish. It was never about a diet for me, it was about growing closer with God… and I did. I did end up losing 10 pounds during my time on my fast, but more than that I feel healthy. I am now craving salad and I am understanding that food is for nourishment and not just to have all the time to fill a void. I am still snacking, but not like before. Now, I will turn down food instead of just blindly and mindlessly eating.

So, that’s about it. I finished my fast in the way that I felt God was leading me.


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