Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the idea of being a parent.  Sometimes in the world of motherhood I forget to stop and be thankful for my children. Our town recently watched the story of a young baby who passed away from brain cancer. To watch her journey and to read the posts from her family on Facebook were absolutely heart-wrenching. To think of having your child for only a short while and losing them would be so completely unbearable.

Today, I spent the day enjoying time with my family, and preparing for Easter. My daughter has been sick, so she and I stayed in for the afternoon (after a trip to the doctor and Wal-Mart with Grandma). We made our 3 Chinese sauces for Easter dinner tomorrow, and we laughed and told jokes to each other. (Daddy and Cobe were out playing Frisbee Golf.) It was in these moments that I was reminded of how blessed I am to have healthy and vibrant children, when so many parents are suffering from loss or dealing with very sick children.

On a regular basis, I look at my children and I think to myself, “I can’t possibly be their mother!” I am so consistently amazed by them and their intelligence, their compassion, their hearts, and their strength. I love that my children have a sense of humor that catches me off guard sometimes. I love that at night they sleep in each other’s rooms. I love that when my daughter went to the dentist and got a tooth pulled and they told her to pick toys, she chose one for her brother. I love that when I took Cobe to the bank with me and they gave him Easter eggs, he asked for one for his sister who was at home sick. I love that the first thing I see most mornings is the face of my children, and I love that sometimes at night I wake to little cold feet snuggling with me.

I love that my children have a daddy who loves them more than he loves me… and I would be concerned if that’s not the way it was. I love that I have a husband who will sit through stupid movies with me, just because I think they are awesome. I love that my husband and I make fun of each other and laugh a lot.

I love that in-spite of all the stress in the world, and all the things that are going on around us, my life is still perfect… here in our small town, with our simple life, we are living the dream.



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