Letter to My Son

Dear Son,

I wish so badly that I could keep you protected from all things ugly in this world, but I cannot, therefore I am writing you this letter to tell you the things that I want you to remember.

First, know that you are special. Never let anyone take that away from you- many will try, but fight against them, always remembering YOU ROCK! As you get older, you will go through awkward phases – we all do – but, remember that the duckling comes before the swan. Your day will come, son, and when it does, the world will stop to look at you.

Remember to always treat girls like ladies. Even the girl that you think is a friend deserves to have the best of you. Your kindness, your heart, your gentleness. Remember to guard your words with ladies, for words have the power to cut – and a girl’s heart is tender. Always make her feel special – no matter who she is.

Treat your sister with respect and kindness, so she learns how her boyfriends should treat her. Protect her, guard her, and love her – you will always be the most special guy in her heart besides daddy. Allow her to be around you and your friends, so she learns the grace and comfort she needs to be around boys; this is a valuable trait that not all girls understand, give her this gift.

Remember to think before you speak and act – for your words cannot be taken back. Be responsible, but allow yourself to make mistakes, because it is the mistakes that allow us to grow. Go to parties and have fun, just remember to never do something that you would be ashamed to tell your parents about. If you need a ride, call us. I would rather have a drunken phone call at 3 am than a dead child.

Remember that you father and I will love you always, unconditionally. There will never be anything in this world that you could do to make us stop loving you. Regardless of our disappointment or anger, we will always love you. You can tell us anything, at any time.

Stay away from drugs. They are bad. The small moments of “fun” aren’t worth the risks and consequences that come with them.

Save sex for someone special. Sex is special. When you decide to have sex, talk to your dad and me. We want to make sure you are being safe. Don’t sleep with girls that are trashy. Avoid those girls and run the opposite direction. Allow your sister and your female friends to give input on your girlfriends. You want to be with a girl that has class. Remember there is a difference between a sexy girl and a trashy girl. Run to the first, run from the second.

Allow yourself to fail, and allow yourself to succeed. Understand that you will not always win – and that is okay, and to be expected. If you never fail, you never learn to lose gracefully – this is a valuable lesson that you will need for the rest of your life.

Choose good friends – your friends will define your path in life. Pick friends that will lead you down a path of success.

Be your own person. Don’t follow along with something just because that’s what your friends are doing. Learn to have your own thoughts, stand up for those, and be proud of your individuality. Understand that no matter what your age, I will always be your mother, and I will always discipline you if need be. I will drag you out of something kicking and screaming if I need to, so that you are safe.

Lastly, know that I will always love you and I will always support you.




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