Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…

Ahhh, sweet summertime. The sounds of crickets, lawnmowers, and what’s that I hear… Sneezes. Ugh!!! Allergies are the worst, and they are hitting us hard this year. However, I am determined to make this a summer to remember. I am not a hot weather person – humidity and heat make me cranky!!! So, I am trying to be creative and think of ways that I can make this summer fun and memorable for my kiddo’s without making myself too uncomfortable.

That’s not selfish, right?

Here is a fun schedule of things to do at home to keep your kiddo’s busy (A.K.A. Keep mommy sane) throughout the summer!! We are going to adapt this schedule for our summer and see what we can come up with!!!

Summer Fun


Share your summer fun ideas with us in the comments section here!! Also, stay tuned as we showcase some fun summer ideas over the next few weeks!! We have scoured the world wide web for fun ideas and recipes that you are sure to love!!




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