Paleo Update

So, I’ve had a few friends asking me how the “Paleo Thing” is going, and I decided to give another update.

It’s going well. That’s about all I can say. Have I been perfect? Nope. I have had moments where I just really want a cheeseburger. They are few and far between, because I can have the burger… just not the bun. I’m not 100% paleo at this point… I would say I’m closer to 85% maybe less, depending on the day. I am enough paleo that I notice a difference when I eat something I’m not supposed to (wheat). For instance, yesterday I had lunch with my co-workers and I ate a BLT on whole wheat bread. It was delicious, however, late yesterday afternoon I crashed. I was exhausted (I even took a nap), I had a headache, and no energy… this morning I woke up bloated and gross feeling.

One thing the last two-ish weeks has shown me, is the foods I can and cannot tolerate well. Bread, pasta, etc is one I can’t tolerate well… as is too much sugar. I’m finding it easier to avoid those foods because I feel so great when I don’t eat them. I’m still having days where I eat wheat (like yesterday), because I don’t want to be in a situation where I make someone else feel uncomfortable at meal times or draw attention to myself because of what I am or am not eating. Also, I refuse to pay $10 for a salad… So, I find something as close to what I can eat as possible, and I enjoy my meal.

So, all in all, it’s going pretty well. I’m not starving myself or denying myself something that I really want. I’m just making modifications to my eating habits. I have to say though, again, I am not really having a hard time giving up those foods. I’m finding it easier than I thought… but, I’m also allowing myself some grace. If I eat something I’m not supposed to… I get over it, and when I start feeling crappy I think, “oh yeah, this is why I don’t want to eat that stuff. Better rethink that next time.”

The main thing is that I am remembering that I am human, and occasionally I am going to just really want a big fat bowl of pasta.


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