Protein in Food

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I have had a few people ask me for this list, so I sat down today and typed it all up. Sorry it has taken me so long… I have these little people running around my house calling me mom and asking for things. It kind of throws off my whole mojo. I compiled a couple of different lists to get this together, because I wanted to have an extensive list for you.

So, here goes!! I hope you enjoy this it, and can find some ways to get protein outside of meat sources.

Quinoa: 11 g/cup

Lentils: 17.9 g/cup

Tempeh: 24 g/4 oz

Seitan: 24 g/4 oz

Beans (Black, Kidney, Mung, Pinto):  12-15 g/cup

Spirulina: 6 g/10 oz

Hemp Seeds: 16 g/ 3 Tbsp

Asparagus: 3.08 g/ 8 Spears

Cauliflower: 2.28 g/ 1 cup

Oatmeal: 6.08 g/ 1 cup, cooked

Mung Bean Sprouts: 3.16 g/cup

Almonds: 6.03 g/ ounce

Spinach: 5.53 g /1 cup, cooked

Broccoli: 5.7 g/1 cup

Nuts (per 1/4 cup):

Peanuts: 9g

Walnuts: 4g

Pistachios: 6g

Seeds (per 1/4 cup):

Pumpkin: 9g

Sesame: 6g

Sunflower: 8g

Legumes (per 1 cup, cooked):

Black Beans: 15g

Chickpeas: 15g

Lentils: 18g

Soy (per 4 ounces):

Edamame: 29g/cup

Tempeh: 21 g

Tofu: 9g

Grains (per 1 cup, cooked):

Whole Wheat Bread: 4g/slice

Oats: 6g

Buckwheat: 6g

Dairy (per ounce):

Swiss Cheese: 8g

Fat-Free Yogurt: 14g/cup

Cheddar Cheese: 7g


Boiled: 6g

White only: 5g

Egg Substitute: 5g/1.5 fluid ounces


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