Paleo Update

Paleo is going well. I am still taking it slow and trying to learn what my body can and cannot tolerate. I have figured out that Wheat really does cause issues for me. I also found out that alcohol is no longer something I can partake in – it gives me super-duper tummy aches.

I haven’t really found anything else that causes issues for me.


I am including a yummy and EASY recipe that I  have grown to LOVE for lunches.




1 steak (sliced into strips)

2 lettuce leaves (I use romaine or green leaf)

1 avocado, sliced

1 tomato, chopped

onion, Sautéed (optional)


Cook steak to desired doneness, saute onions. Clean and dry lettuce leaves. Lay all ingredients into lettuce leaf, wrap like a burrito, and enjoy. Simple, easy, and delicious!!


I have been keeping steak, chicken, bacon, and other meats cooked and sliced in bowls in my fridge to make preparation easy. It’s all about ease for me. So, when I fix dinner, I cook an extra steak, or an extra piece of chicken and put it straight into the fridge. Then it’s there for the rest of my week’s meals.

I’m loving salads with meat slices also.



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