“The lady doth protest too much…”

Facebook. What can we really say about this social media giant except, it’s a place we love to hate and hate to love? Okay friends, let’s get real for a minute. If you were to sit down and look at your friend list, how many people could you honestly say “yeah, I really like this person” about? Me – not too many.

Over the last few weeks I have seen a growing trend on Facebook. Maybe it’s just my friends, but seriously, does every post on your feed have to be about religion – or lack there of? Don’t get me wrong, I love Jesus. Been a fan for a while now, planning to spend eternity with him, but I don’t think that He loves me less if every status update isn’t about him.

I’ve heard all the stuff about “being a witness” and “letting your light shine” blah, blah, blah.

But really, who are you trying to convince? Because, honestly, it seems to a lot of other people that you are trying to convince yourself. Shakespeare had a really great quote (the one from the post title up there), “the lady doth protest too much.”  It seems to me that if you are truly in love with Jesus, and you are secure in that, you do not need to post it 100 times a day.

We live in this society of addiction, where we can’t just do something, love someone, be something – it has to be something that consumes us to the point of turning people off. I have a relationship with a God that loves me, I have a relationship with a God that wants me to win people for his kingdom – but honestly, I can’t do that if I have an unapproachable feel to me.

Basically, in my opinion, these people seem fake, insincere, and like they are talking just to talk.

Ever seen that meme that says, “I know you – your Facebook posts aren’t fooling anyone.” Yeah. That about sums it up.

I just want to say to my fellow religious persons – you don’t have to literally shout it from the Facebook rooftops. We get it. You’re a Christian. Everyone can tell by the “God” banner, the fish bumper stickers, and the pictures that only take place in the church building. We get it. Do you? Do you really believe that you are the Christian you profess to be, or are all your posts meant to convince yourself.


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