Be Still My Heart #johnmayer #bornandraisedtour #phillipphillips

My heart has been forever changed. I am not exaggerating, like normal either. Last night I saw John Mayer and Phillip Phillips at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Maryland Heights, Mo. It was amazing!

I must preface this with the information that I went to this show solely for Phillip Phillips. I’m not saying I don’t like John Mayer, because I do. I haven’t been his biggest fan, I don’t stalk follow him on social media outlets, but I do listen to his music. He has THE BEST version of Free Fallin’ that I have possibly ever heard. So, I know him. However, I have been a BIG Phillip Phillips fan since his start on Idol.

So, when this tour came around I wanted to go. I wanted to see Phillip, because let’s be honest – boy can sang! He’s got vocal ability that knocks me off my feet, and the boy has moves for days. And, he’s pretty easy on the eyes. So, it sounded like a win-win in my mind.

When we got to the concert, I was disappointed to see nothing of Phillip Phillips’ in the merchandise booth. I wanted a shirt, a cd, something. After further investigation, and a closer look, I found they had three shirts, a hat, and what looked to be a calendar. Very little, in my opinion.

When Phillip took the stage, there was no announcement – he just walked on. They didn’t turn the jumbo screens on for him. It was just kind of like “okay, here I am. Let’s do this.” He played for a very short time (30-45ish mins). The tour staff seemed a little underwhelmed by him, and as an audience member that affected my experience. But, he was wonderful!! He was better than I expected. I wasn’t surprised by his ability though, I mean he did get his start singing on a live television show. I loved him. Still love him. Will probably always love him.

Now, when John Mayer came on – it was anything but underwhelming. I was absolutely amazed by this man’s talent. His guitar ability left me in tears at one point. This man exuded sexiness (he has the cutest little butt when he dances…. So cute). I saw Jason Mraz live, who is my absolute favorite, and I don’t think anyone will ever top him or replace him in my heart; but I would say that John Mayer is right up there in terms of sexiness and musical ability. Jason has the better vocals, in my opinion; but after last night I would say that very few people could top John Mayer’s ability on the guitar. I can honestly say that in my lifetime I have yet to see anyone as good as him.

Jason Mraz is someone that mesmerizes me; I cannot take my eyes off him when he is on stage. John Mayer mesmerizes me in a totally different way. I became so involved in his music that I couldn’t open my eyes for most of the concert. When I did watch him on stage, he was so enthralled in his music that you couldn’t help but watch him.

I left that show continuing to be just as big a Phillip Phillips fan as I was before, and becoming a HUGE John Mayer fan. I may possibly be obsessed with him. Just saying. Honey, if you are reading this, I love you and you are still my top man, but John Mayer stole a piece of my heart last night.

There, that’s it. My wrap up. My confession of a new obsession. My profession of love and adoration for all things John Mayer. And, my recommendation that you buy tickets the next time he is in your town.


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