Easy and Healthy Lunches #backtoschool

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Okay, we all know the stress of packing school lunches. You pack what you think is a delicious lunch, only to have a mostly fully lunch box, and a starving child, come back home at the end of the day. So, how can you compromise and get your want of healthy foods, and your child’s want of tasty foods into one lunch box??

1. Make it fun!!! Most kids will eat something they wouldn’t normally eat as long as you make it fun. Click on this picture to see some more cute ideas from our friends at Being Creative. Make these sandwiches on whole grain bread, add in some healthy meats and cheeses, or nut butters and jelly – yummo and healthy!!!

2. Be Sneaky!!! Okay, we teach our kids not to do this, but let’s be real – as moms we have to be sneaky all the time. (I know you have those cookies hidden in the cabinet – so put your judging face away!!) Find ways to sneak healthy foods into your kiddo’s lunch. Make some homemade brownies with veggie and fruit puree instead of oil and/or water. Your kids will never be the wiser and you will be getting some healthy stuff in them. Deceptively Delicious and Sneaky Chef both have some fabulous and tasty recipes to try!! I promise they are good.

           Make that man of yours healthy and satisfied!

3. SOME RECIPES and Food Ideas!!

      – Pack up dinner left overs and send them for lunch (slice steak or chicken and throw it on a tortilla with some cheese for a yummy beef/chicken wrap/taco). My kids love crescent rolls with lunch meat and cheese too.

      – Pasta Salad – We make pasta salad with leftover mac and cheese. We throw in some corn and diced ham or tuna. It’s so good and you can keep it cold with an ice pack.

     – Bean Salad – My daughter loves soy beans, but with the recent controversy over giving kids soy we replaced it with lima beans and she never knows the difference. I steam them and toss them with kosher salt, and she gobbles them up. I will use beans of all kinds rinse them, add in some shredded cheese, some corn (we like corn), and maybe some cherry tomatoes. It’s delish and tastes so good. You can add in some garlic and onion powder if your kiddo’s want a little extra flavor and like that kind of thing.

Homemade Granola from Tide You Over Tuesday! 

Homemade Custom Granola #Recipe Great for Back to #School

Taco Salad (Photo from Keeley McGuire)

Lunch Made Easy: Leftover Tacos = Nachos for School Lunches  @EasyLunchboxes

Salad (Photo from Keeley McGuire)

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