At Home Organization for School

Getting and staying organized during the school year is HARD! If you are like me, you have good intentions and they fade fast once things get busy during the year. Here are some of the best tips, products, and ideas I have found to make this whole thing easier.

Individual Backpack Hooks, Message Boards, and Calendars for each child. 

Backpack hooks and organization

Command Central! Add in some magnetic hanging baskets to collect papers, etc.

Back to school organization

Weekly Clothing Organizer for kids! Makes getting dressed each morning easier!!

Back to School – Organize Your Morning - a closet hanger with outfit and accessories and any special activity clothes (e.g. sports uniforms) for each school day


We use these types of boxes each year for important papers. I write the child’s name, grade, and teacher’s name on the end of the box. All important papers, notebooks, etc go into this box to be saved safely. We keep them on a shelf in our storage room.

School Organization

Do you have a favorite product? Share it here!! Don’t forget to register to win our 31 giveaway by leaving your comments here on what your biggest back-to-school challenge is!! 


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