A Letter to Miley #mileycyrus #vma

I watched, in shock, with the rest of the world as Miley Cyrus bumped and grinded on the VMA stage last night. I was horrified for her, and SO thankful that my daughter wasn’t watching. I wondered what would make her behave like this? Why would someone close to her not say, “sweetie you look like a $2 hooker. Maybe let’s not do that.” Because, I have to say, I have been Miley’s age. I have been in that weird phase between teenager and adult, and I have ALWAYS had at least one friend or family member that would have taken me aside and said that exact thing to me.

So, with that in mind, I have written a letter to our sweet little Miley.


Dear Miley,

I see you. I see you on the stage making vulgar moves, trying your best to gain attention in a world where pop-starlets are fading daily. I see you becoming a young woman. I see you grinding on a man old enough to be your dad. I see you making out with plastic dolls. I see you doing everything in your power to break free from “Hannah Montana.” I see you.

I have been in that phase where teenager meets adult. That phase where I have wandered daily in search of who I am. I have been in that place where I wanted to break free of who people thought I should be, and become who I really wanted to be.

It seems to me that no one around you is telling you that you look trashy. No one around you is telling you that what you are doing is not sexy or cute. No one around you is loving you enough to tell you that you are grabbing the wrong kind of attention.

I want you to know that you don’t have to become slutty and vulgar to break free of Hannah Montana. You broke free of her the moment you decided not to be her.

As a mother, I am saddened that you don’t have a mother telling you that you are worth more than grinding, fake masturbating, and vulgarity on the VMA stage. As a woman, I am sad that you don’t realize you are worth more than that. As a mother, I don’t want my daughter to look up to you. I am sad for the young girls that saw your behavior last night, and will return to school or home and re-create your actions. I am sad for the boys out there that will see your behavior and think it is okay to expect that from girls.

I am sad that as a public figure, you are allowing young men and young women to use your behavior to justify the idea that women are nothing more than a piece of meat. In one performance, you destroyed what millions of women have fought hundreds of years to protect.

I am mad that you have lost your ability to be a self-respecting woman, and have instead allowed yourself to be seen as nothing more than an object. I am angry at your parents for not telling you that this is wrong. I am angry at your friends for not telling you that you need to put on some clothes and be a woman with class. I am angry that you think it is okay to teach millions of young women to act like this. Since you don’t have anyone telling you all these things, I will say it – sweetie, you look cheap and trashy, maybe let’s not do that. You look like you belong on a stage, alright – just not a VMA stage.

I understand that you don’t want to be seen as a “Disney Star” any longer, but isn’t there something between Hannah Montana and a street walker? Please for the love of God, find some self-respect and act like a young lady.


Aleah Helton

Wife, Mom, Daughter, Woman, and most importantly – someone who doesn’t want my daughter to grow up to be the girl I saw on TV last night.



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  1. Tina M. Millsap says:

    You need to put this on Facebook!


    1. It is on, please share!! 🙂


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