No skidoo for you!

So, I have this two year old. Okay so she’s been two for three whole days but whatever, it counts. 🙂 Haha. Well, in our house we watch Blue’s Clues sometimes. Great little show. Catchy tune, lots of imagination, you get the picture. Well, in the show they do this little jumpy, dancy thing called a “skidoo”. Basically, it means that you can jump into a painting or storybook of your choice on the show to help the other characters. Anyway, back to the two year old. I see her standing there and she’s clearly frustrated. She’s saying something and jumping on her book. I wasn’t close enough to hear what she was saying, so in my mommy voice I say: “Mikayla, please don’t jump on your book, that’s not what we do with books.” She ignores me, and the jumping continues. Finally, I get close enough to her to hear her. She’s doing her little jumbly word babble but I hear a familiar little tune to what she’s saying. She was doing a two-year old version of Blue skidoo we can too! Well of course it wasn’t working, so she thought maybe volume was the key. She says it louder and jumps harder on her book, to no avail. Finally she turns to me and says: “Skidoo, mommy?” Amidst the tears falling from my eyes,because at this point I’m laughing so hard I’m snorting AND crying, I try to tell her: “Sorry baby, but you can’t skidoo into your Kailan book.” She was not very happy about this…so she closed her book. Meanwhile, my night was made.  ~Moe


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