Let Me Count The Ways…

count 1

I went to a conference a couple of years ago and at this conference one of the speakers talked about how she worried that her husband and kids didn’t know how much she loved them. She said that she wrote down, and framed, some of the things that she loved about each of them and hung it in the house so they could see it.

I loved this idea, and worked a while back to make my lists, but never got around to typing and framing them. So, Moe and I talked and decided that we would just start putting those things on the website… then at the end of the time we can print and frame from there. 🙂

I encourage you all to do this along with us.

Here is my list:

Husband: I love that my husband is thoughtful. My husband is THE BEST gift giver EVER! I promise! He has the most amazing memory (a fact that I sometimes hate), and this means that he always knows the best gifts to give those around him.

Mini Helton #1: I love that my son has a heart that never stops loving. He is so sensitive to other people’s needs and really is tuned into the emotions of the people around him.

Mini Helton #2: I love that my daughter has the ability to see and love those who are less capable than she is. This has been a repeated trait that her teachers brag on, and I love that she see no differences in the people around her.



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