Caramel pretzel brownies

A couple of weekends ago I tried this recipe out. I mean, what’s not to love? It’s salty, it’s sweet, and there’s chocolate involved!!!

Here’s what you need:

● 1 box of brownie mix (they suggested Betty Crocker fudge brownies) Note: you’ll be making the brownies like usual, so oil, eggs, and water will also be needed 🙂
● 1 bag of mini pretzels (the ones that look like a bow)
● 1 container of caramel sauce (I used ice cream topping because I’m a rebel, but they suggest apple dipping caramel)
● (optional) a sprinkling of coarse sea salt

Heat your oven to 350º. Grease a 9X13 pan or line it with parchment (I never have that stuff when I need it!)

Mix up your brownie mix according to the box directions. Pour enough brownie mix (about 1/3) in the pan to cover the bottom with an even layer.

Next you want to lay down an even layer of pretzels (dont shove them down into the mix but just lay them on top). Then once you’re done lay down a second layer.

Spoon the rest of your brownie mix evenly on top of your pretzel layers and then bake for 30 minutes. (I’ll be honest my timer didnt make a sound so I may have cooked mine for 32-33 minutes, but they were still okay)

Once they’re done you just spread caramel over the top and if you want you can sprinkle a little coarse sea salt over the top for a little more contrast. (I didn’t do this step but that doesn’t mean you can’t)







       Okay, so here are the pics and my thoughts about it.  I worried that it would be too gooey, but it was fine. I was also worried because a lot of the commenters on it said their pretzels came out tasting stale. This did not happen to mine. When I make them again though, I’m going to try a different caramel, or maybe just less. It was super sweet and I only used half of the jar of caramel topping!

      I like to tweak stuff to fit my own taste and you can too. As long as the brownies and pretzels tasted good (and they did), now there’s a whole boatload of combos. Think about it: you could drizzle white chocolate on them or use that Magic shell stuff (mmmm) or you could use that new mocha brownie mix and serve it with whipped cream and some shaved chocolate on top. The possibilities are endless my friends. Happy baking!! Eat one for me 😉 ~ Moe


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