How do I love thee…

How do I love thee…

With the recent death of a toddler in my family, I feel compelled to make this list and these statements even more. I also feel more of a push to hold onto my family with all my might and make sure they know they are loved.

Mini Helton #1 –

His humor. My son is two months shy of being 11, and I have to say, he has started to develop this amazing humor. My husband and I both have a pretty weird sense of humor, and I am starting to see this same humor in my son and I love it. I love that he laughs at the things that make us both laugh.

Mini Helton #2 –

Her love of life. My sweet girl has such a zeal for life that is so infectious to those around her. You can’t help but be happy when she is around. I love that when I am feeling down she can make me smile in an instant.

Helton Husband –

I love that my husband and I can laugh together. I like that we have a sense of humor in our marriage. It makes the tough times easier knowing that we can laugh together in the good times.


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