Still thankful on Thursday

I know we try to do our thankful posts on Wednesday, but I am still just as thankful on Thursday haha. I used to think that a best friend had to know everything about you. That you had to be linked to each other and be alike in almost every single way. That’s the kind of friendship I had once. What I never realized is with that knowledge came a power I had given to this person. She not only could make me happy, but she could also crush me. I don’t know where the resentment came in along the way, but it became a friendship of more take than give…and I ran out of give. While this best friendship was slowly falling apart and poisoning itself, I met someone new. She was so different from me. Laid back where I was not, immersed in her Faith where I am still so unsure. But mostly, she was just her and she let me be me. There was no guidance unless I asked and if I didn’t take her advice, she didin’t rub it in if things went wrong. I began to realize that the “best friendship” I thought was so strong for so long, had some pretty solid cracks in it. In fact, I began to notice how flawed it really was and before long there was irrepairable damage. Ironically, the someone who I’m thankful for pointed it out to me one day. “If she’s your best friend, how does she not know she’s hurting you?” Hmm? Excellent point, right?! I thought so too. How could my best friend not know this? She knew everything but how to give more than she took. It was too late in the end and I had to cut ties. I did it brutally, like severing a limb with a samurai sword. Where once we would have talked things out for hours or through lengthy letters or emails, it really only took four steps to end the friendship. A text, two deletes, and silence. You know what happened next? I felt a weight lifted. I had never realized how much of myself I gave to her, until I refused to let her take anymore. Now a best friend means more to me. I can call my best friend anytime and if she can’t talk I leave a message. And even if it takes her 3 days or a week to get back to me, she does. She does so because she wants to. She doesn’t feel obligated, she just likes me. She’s had a crappy week, so today I brought her candy and her favorite soda. I know that she likes the ice from Sonic better, but knew she’d understand that I had to hit McD’s instead. But she’s so thankful all the time that I didn’t even have to explain that part. She just smiled her big, bright happy dance smile and hugged me thank you. My best friend loves me. She never let’s me take more than she can give and neither do I. We do this because we care and we don’t want our friendship to break. When she needs it I support her and even when she doesn’t think she needs help (but actually does), I help then too. And she does the same for me. We found a balance in each other. We laugh a whole lot and we cry and get angry and vent. I don’t have a weight pressing on me anymore, but I do have an awesome best friend…and her name is Aleah, and I’m thankful on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and everyday for her. ♡♥♡~Moe


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